1241 Hanson Avenue Progress Report

1241 Hanson FV
1241 Hanson Avenue, Front View Elevation Courtesy of Seagull Enterprises, LLC

I trust everyone is warm and happy–I know it’s quite cold in some U.S. states at the moment–I experienced it first hand (or should I say ‘first foot’ 🙂 ) while I was out for a run last night.  As I told my beautiful wife just after…Brrrrrrrrrr!

On with the Hanson news…the temporary electric pole is up, the foundation was staked January 6, dug January 7, awaiting inspection today.  I am incredibly thankful for my team for being right on top of things to keep the project going smoothly:  my construction people, financiers, attorneys, architect, surveyors, insurance people, material suppliers, and Realtor, just to name a few…  I am also thankful for the City of Norfolk for doing all the inspections in a timely fashion.  A lot has to happen in an organized way for us to build a house!

Once the inspection is passed we will pour the concrete and lay the necessary block, and we are on our way!

The finished product will be a two story, 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bathroom house with attached garage.  Square footage including the garage is 1,937 and without the garage is 1,703.  The sales price will be in the low two hundreds–if any of you or anyone you know is interested in a quality built, affordable, conveniently located home in Norfolk VA, please let me know!  The completion date is scheduled for May 6, 1015 or sooner.

And a big thank you to our architect, Seagull Enterprises LLC, for providing the front view elevation drawing!