Happy Halloween! Haunted House For Sale…

Hello Friends,

An interesting tidbit from the National Association of Realtors–they conducted a survey and it turns out that over 60% of Americans would buy a haunted house…of course there is a caveat–they would have to get a discount.  What does this mean?  I’ll tell you what this means:  A good deal trumps a ghoul or two.

So, happy house hunting and don’t let the goblins bother you.  Who knows, there may be a bargain brewing.

Happy Halloween!

Searching for the good property :)

My OFS partners and I viewed four properties today; two were doable and two were not. Very good ratio from what we’ve seen! We will bid and since both are on the local MLS we expect stiff competition–we have been outbid by quite a large margin recently, but we have seen quite a few of these properties return to the market–in general people are paying way too much!

I will let you know how it goes. Thanks for reading and enjoy the beautiful day!