Ocean Front Solutions, LLC — Official Website (that’s right, Official)

Ocean Front Solutions, LLC — Official Website (that’s right, Official)

What more can we say? If you want the real thing and not some lame knock-off website, visit the real, official OFS LLC website. Let us know if you’re interested in buying a home (even better, one of our wonderful homes!), selling a home, or have some other real estate concern.

Have an outstanding day!

Ocean Front Solutions, LLC Facebook Page. Yes, We Have One!

Ocean Front Solutions, LLC Facebook Page. Yes, We Have One!

Hello Fans and Friends, and Family. Just so you know OFS LLC has a Facebook page. Isn’t that exciting? We knew you would think so.

Enjoy the day!

Hello from Manhattan! An Investor’s Long Distance View of the South Hampton Roads Real Estate Market

On of the beautiful things about life these days is that you can accomplish the same things from almost any location–gratitude for the Internet, my friends!

In my daily online property search I keep track of how many distressed properties are on the market in my niche, and how many properties some of the larger vendors (e.g., HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA, Wells Fargo) have on the market in South Hampton Roads. What I am seeing parallels the latest numbers from our local Multiple Listing Service–inventory is down, market time is down, sale prices are up.  What does this mean for my industry–the competition for buying undervalued property has stiffened.

We are also seeing partially renovated properties hit the market; it looks like rehabbers got into a property and ran out of time, money, or both.

We are also seeing a fair amount of new construction–this makes me happy for my friends in the construction business–they went through such a hard time in the past few years. They are not made right yet, but at least they are moving in the right direction.

That’s all for now. Have a beautiful day!


Thinking about our Friends and Family in the Philippines

As I work through my daily tasks related to buying and selling property, I am thinking about friends and family in the Philippines who are in the midst of Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most powerful storms ever to hit land–sustained winds of 195 mph with gusts of 235!

I hope that everyone is ok and that their homes and property are not too badly damaged. I am sending good thoughts in their direction!