Attitude of Gratitude

Greetings Fellow Worldlings!

It is another beautiful day in Hampton Roads, VA!  What is the real estate topic for today?  Gratitude.  What does gratitude have to do with real estate?  Everything!  Simply put, gratitude has everything to do with everything, and real estate belongs under the “everything” category.

If I am grateful for all that I have and I carry with me as much as possible an “attitude of gratitude” then automatically I am a happier person.  Would you rather associate with a happy person or some other person?  That’s correct, an attitude of gratitude is good for your relationships, including your business relationships.  Your customers, associates, colleagues, vendors, and everyone with whom you interact, current or potential, will more likely want to work with you if you are in a happy state of mind.


Jeff of Ocean Front Solutions, LLC

Friday December 6, 2013: Real Estate is a Service Business

Here at Ocean Front Solutions we are starting to do some property management.  We have experience doing this, but we initially thought we shouldn’t do it because it would divert us from our primary aim–renovating homes to improve neighborhoods. We are discovering, however, that there are many ways to help people and neighborhoods that are real estate related.  For example, people own a home then they have to move and need someone to take care of their property.  Or people need help finding a place to live, or they need work done to their existing home, or a bank needs someone to buy their property, or or or…

Real estate is about service…the more ways you can help out, the better! 

Happy Holidays everyone!