Mysteries Solved

I have stumbled upon the solution to many universal challenges–for example the unified theory in physics, the prevention of aging, the ultimate diet–apparently it is coconut oil!  Who’d have thunk that when we were preteen tykes running through the coconut palm forests on Key Biscayne we were in the midst of manna?  Sure we husked the big seed, poked its eyes (no ouch) and drank and cracked the hard shell to snack on the white meat, but we didn’t know that we were in essence treating our skin, eyes, nails, hair, teeth, bodies essentially to the cure all…no wonder we’re so healthy today!

Maybe I got a little ahead of myself about the unified theory thing, but who knows, perhaps coconut oil is the 12th (or is it the 11th) string?

I do like the stuff, though.

That’s all for now; enjoy the day!

Bangor Crescent Sold! 3615 Buckingham on the market!

Hello Friends,

To almost quote Mister Rogers, it’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood!  We’ve been working hard and it shows–3404 Bangor Crescent is sold to a very fortunate homeowner–what a nice property!–and we put 3615 Buckingham Street in Norfolk VA on the market!  This is another wonderful home–3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, 1,728 square feet.  It is priced at $185,000.  It has a master bedroom/bathroom, new kitchen with very nice cabinets, granite counter tops and a sweet, sweet backsplash, tile flooring, stainless steel appliances.  The windows are new, HVAC is new, flooring, interior totally redone.  The roof was new when we bought it, so we didn’t replace that.  This home has a lot of space and a ton of storage, including permanent stairs to the large attic.

We are hosting an open house this Sunday, July 27 from 1 PM to 4 PM and will be serving light refreshments.  Come on buy!  (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

As always, enjoy the day!

Real Estate and Morality

Hello Fine Friends,

I know the title of this post is “Real Estate and Morality” but it could just as easily be “Everything and Morality” or “Life and Morality”.  Plainly speaking, living and interacting with others in a moral way, whether in your personal or business life (I would argue there is no difference), is paramount to a happy, successful life. In my opinion the way to do this is do the right thing in every situation, and if not realize the error and correct it as soon as possible. Take full responsibility for everything you say and do. This is why it is important to be careful with your words and not to verbalize something because it is the expedient thing to do. I know many people who will say just about anything to get past the problem or concern of the moment without really thinking about their words or taking to heart anything they may have promised–many seem to use words cheaply with little intention or thought behind them.

Simple things in real estate: appointments–if you set a time and place to meet someone, arrive prepared to do whatever you need to do on time. If you can’t be on time, call in a timely fashion. Firstly though keep your word.

If you say you are going to do something, do it.  Be responsible for yourself and your surroundings.  Treat yourself and others with love and respect. You (we) all need to act in a way that we deserve love and respect. In fact the spirit within us always deserves love and respect even though our behavior may be questionable.

As always, enjoy the day and love and respect those around you and your surroundings and do the right thing!