Rome, Italy


So much history, architecture, art, and coffee! History has to take place somewhere, and art and architecture have to exist somewhere, and I have to drink coffee everywhere…how entities (nations, states, cities, individuals) use their own property (can anyone really own property?) is a key characteristic that differentiates.  It is one prime reason why real estate is such a fascinating interest.  A person can go shallow or deep as chosen and there you are–plenty to keep one occupied!

Upon our return from Rome Sound Choice Investments along with its builder and architect developed the plans for the first of two new homes to be built in Norfolk, VA.  It is very exciting!  In our own way we are redeveloping a neighborhood, getting rid of the derelict structures and building the new just as Rome has been developed and redeveloped over time.  Historic buildings in Rome are built on top of foundations of older historical buildings.  The old makes way for the new and hopefully the new is done in a truthful way.

Photos are coming soon to show the buildings being replaced and the new ones to beautify the street.

Have a happy day!