Harmony and Happiness


How’s this for a company motto–Service, Competence, Integrity?

Pretty sweet, I must admit, and so true!  Truth is good.

The dogs have eaten, the rain has cleared, temperature is dropping, year is ending, times are improving, world is consciousizing, 2015 is approaching, gas prices dropping, people are smiling, and I am happiness!  Here’s to running, playing with dogs, being healthy, becoming increasingly conscious of the connection among everything, hoppy beer, really good coffee, natural foods, loving relationships, making music, surfing’s green room, travel, family, friends, harmony, and happiness.  Love to all!

Running in the Cold Rain and Snow


Running allows me to be outdoors in any weather.  It is one of the reasons I like it so much.  Try standing or walking outside when it’s upper 30’s and raining–relatively chilly at times, but when running, not chilly!  Plus I get to see the landscape up close in all seasons.  I must admit, one of the best things about early morning runs in the wintertime is the post-run breakfast!  With hot coffee!

My preference, rain or shine, is to run in First Landing State Park.  It has a wide variety of trails, some hills, and beautiful views of the forest and water!  Lot’s of birds, too.  I also appreciate running in my neighborhood–it gives me a chance to see which properties are for sale and what improvements people are making to their properties.  These provide ideas when we are working on our own properties–which roofs look good with which siding, types of landscaping, driveways, doors and windows including garage doors.  Running actually helps me to stay informed about my business!