Labor Day and Post Labor Day Fun!


Hello Friends,

It is a gorgeous time of the year, still hot and beautiful and yet the zeitgeist has changed from one season to the next.  It’s school time!  Children, school buses, high school football and college football!  It’s great at the beach because the boardwalk is a little less crowded and our four-legged friends are allowed after 10 AM once again.  It is a very nice time to visit Virginia Beach because the water is still warm and beautiful and there’s still a lot going on, just fewer people.

I went for an incredible bike ride at one of my favorite places, False Cape State Park.  I parked at the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge lot and rode from there down the beach–a little bit tough since it was mid-tide–to the Barbour Hill entrance at False Caple.  There were so many dolphin swimming south, many of them seemingly playing, or maybe they were herding fish, what do I know?  Lots of pelicans flying low over the waves, a few osprey diving for fish–and I saw one get a fish and fly inland with the prize dangling in its talons.  I also saw a loon, or it could have been a cormorant, dive for about 45 seconds and surface about 50 yards away, pretty impressive.  Riding down the interior trail from the Back Bay parking lot to the refuge beach entrance three deer ran across the road in front of me–where’s your Winchester when you need it?  I’m joking people!

Once I was on the interior trails at False Cape I road another 2.3 miles south to the False Cape Landing trail back out to the beach.  I rode then walked the half mile or so to the beach–so beautiful, the winding sand trail through the dunes.  There was a family that had their tent set up on the beach, what fun!  And there was actually surf, nice 2-3 foot glassy peelers before the wind got on it.

I saw a water snake and a heap of frogs, plus the typical turtles and egrets.  There were quite a few hikers and bikers, and a lot of people coming in on the tram from Virginia Beach’s Little Island Park.  I’m glad a lot of folks got to enjoy it down there because it really was a nice day, and very few bugs–if they are really bad, especially black flies, they will run you out of the park!

At the same time I was riding in False Cape, the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon was happening at the Oceanfront.  Typically 15,000 or so people run and there are bands every mile or two; it is quite the event!  It coincides with the American Music Festival.  We caught Blues Traveler and Creedence Clearwater Revisited.  Great shows!  I especially liked Creedence–one of my bands plays Born on the Bayou, and they opened with it–I love that tune!

Enough rambling for now.  If you have any questions about real estate please give me a call or shoot me an email, or perhaps write a comment!

Enjoy the day!

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