New Construction Property For Sale at 1243 Hanson Ave Norfolk VA

1243 Hanson Ave
1243 Hanson Ave

Greetings on this weathery evening (everyone in this plane is experiencing some kind of weather, right?)! Just wanted to tell you about our New Construction Home in Norfolk, VA!

Our sister company, Sound Choice Investments, Inc. , just put 1243 Hanson Ave Norfolk VA on the the market earlier this week. It is a beautiful, well built, new construction home with 2,268 SF of living space, 300 SF attached garage, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, front porch, 2 rear decks, dual zone HVAC, spacious kitchen with granite counter tops, rectangular tile flooring, soft-close cabinetry, 4-piece stainless steel Samsung energy efficient appliance package, large bedrooms including a master with two walk-in closets, deck and tile and granite 2-sink master bath and…well I’m getting too excited about it so I better stop. The lot is over sized, too!

Incidentally, I want to publicly thank our builders, Montgomery Builders, for doing such a great job on this house, very nice work!

This Home is Listed for Sale at $229,900!

This is a great price for this home–you will not find a nicer home than this for under $230,000. If you’d like to see it, please call the best Realtor I know, Liz Schuyler, at 757-235-0274.

More Photos

New Construction Home Norfolk VA

New Construction Home Norfolk VA

That’s all I have for now, and thanks for reading!

Jeffrey Schuyler, Buy and Sell Investments

1243 Hanson Avenue, Norfolk VA — Under Construction

1243 Hanson Avenue, Norfolk VA

Our newest, beautiful new home is under construction in Bruce’s Park, Norfolk VA. It is a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath 2 story home with 2,268 square feet of glorious living space! It will have two-zone HVAC, a sweet kitchen with a Samsung stainless steel appliance package, rectangular tile floor, and a ton of cabinet space. The home also has a large master with tiled bathroom, attached garage, two decks, ceiling fans in all bedrooms and living area…it is a spacious, full-of-natural-light home! It sits on an oversized 55′ by 117.5′ lot, and is right next door to another new construction home (1241 Hanson Avenue, see photo below:)


The completion date is January 15, 2016, and perfect time to move all of your new Christmas gifts into a new home! Start the year off right!

To inquire about this property, please contact Liz Schuyler, Realtor Extraordinaire, at 757-235-0274 or

Thanks for reading and have a superfine day!

Sound Choice Investments, Inc.


It’s Good to Have a Roof in the Snow!


When I took these photos over the weekend most of the snow had melted. Now it’s snowing again!  I thought I was living at the Beach, but apparently I was mistaken!  I’ve run outdoors once in the last week-and-a-half.  Thank goodness for treadmills!  Just a quick side note…to keep my speed up I dangle a bottle of Sierra Nevada Torpedo Ale in front of me…whatever works, right?

We also learned that one of our dogs is a total fire hound.  If not for the fireplace screen I’m sure he would be the fourth log on the fire.  He wants to move to the Keys.

Yes, a roof is a good thing especially when cold things are falling from the sky (I don’t mean beer).  The roof tends to keep the things under it dry, which is good.  I was very clear with our builder, “We want one of those houses that keeps the stuff in it dry.”  We are right on top of it.  We are grateful for the roof!G

Sorry I must go–have to tie a bottle to the end of stick…

Oh, I almost forgot, there is a Bruce’s Park Civic League meeting at Jacox Elementary at 6 PM Thursday Feb. 26.  Hope to see you there!

Very Exciting, Cement in a Ditch!


Beautiful, no?  I call it, “Cement in Ditch with Blue Recycling Container.”

But of course you all recognize the filled up hole upon which a house will sit.  If not, see the previous post!  There is a lot that goes into building a house, but truly, what is more important than a sturdy foundation on land that won’t sink?  That is exactly what we have here at 1241 Hanson Avenue in metropolitan Norfolk, VA!

Thanks for your interest and have a totally deluxe day!

1241 Hanson Avenue Progress Report

1241 Hanson FV
1241 Hanson Avenue, Front View Elevation Courtesy of Seagull Enterprises, LLC

I trust everyone is warm and happy–I know it’s quite cold in some U.S. states at the moment–I experienced it first hand (or should I say ‘first foot’ 🙂 ) while I was out for a run last night.  As I told my beautiful wife just after…Brrrrrrrrrr!

On with the Hanson news…the temporary electric pole is up, the foundation was staked January 6, dug January 7, awaiting inspection today.  I am incredibly thankful for my team for being right on top of things to keep the project going smoothly:  my construction people, financiers, attorneys, architect, surveyors, insurance people, material suppliers, and Realtor, just to name a few…  I am also thankful for the City of Norfolk for doing all the inspections in a timely fashion.  A lot has to happen in an organized way for us to build a house!

Once the inspection is passed we will pour the concrete and lay the necessary block, and we are on our way!

The finished product will be a two story, 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bathroom house with attached garage.  Square footage including the garage is 1,937 and without the garage is 1,703.  The sales price will be in the low two hundreds–if any of you or anyone you know is interested in a quality built, affordable, conveniently located home in Norfolk VA, please let me know!  The completion date is scheduled for May 6, 1015 or sooner.

And a big thank you to our architect, Seagull Enterprises LLC, for providing the front view elevation drawing!

Rome, Italy


So much history, architecture, art, and coffee! History has to take place somewhere, and art and architecture have to exist somewhere, and I have to drink coffee everywhere…how entities (nations, states, cities, individuals) use their own property (can anyone really own property?) is a key characteristic that differentiates.  It is one prime reason why real estate is such a fascinating interest.  A person can go shallow or deep as chosen and there you are–plenty to keep one occupied!

Upon our return from Rome Sound Choice Investments along with its builder and architect developed the plans for the first of two new homes to be built in Norfolk, VA.  It is very exciting!  In our own way we are redeveloping a neighborhood, getting rid of the derelict structures and building the new just as Rome has been developed and redeveloped over time.  Historic buildings in Rome are built on top of foundations of older historical buildings.  The old makes way for the new and hopefully the new is done in a truthful way.

Photos are coming soon to show the buildings being replaced and the new ones to beautify the street.

Have a happy day!

Price Reduction, 2228 Reservoir Avenue: $42,000

OFS reduced the price of its lot at 2228 Reservoir Avenue, Norfolk VA, 23504 to $42,000. This is a 5,000 square foot, buildable lot in Barraud Park. The lot is 50′ X 100′ and has been surveyed. It has city water and sewer, with electric and gas available. It is capped and ready to go–make us an offer!

Bring on the Spring!